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How Tools and Equipment Insurance Keeps You and Your Business Secure

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Tools are the most vital part of any working person’s trade. Whether you’re a contractor, architect, or engineer, your tools are the heart, blood, sweat, and tears of your operation. By having your tools and equipment insured from harm, you can focus on managing your business rather than fixing things that shouldn’t be broken. For these reasons, you need tools and equipment insurance.

Contractors Mark offers compensation for the everyday tools of your trade. We recognize that hand and power tools are particularly weak and vulnerable to abuse. They’re constantly hauled from one place to another, exposed to outside influence, the oils and grease from your skin, and the materials they are used on. For many industries, transporting the equipment to and fro just isn’t realistic, and we want you to feel comfortable leaving even your expensive equipment at the workplace so you can focus more on the things that matter at home. We understand that communication errors happen when people are worked hard and stressed, so we will cover the loss of your tools regardless of where it happens, at home, workplace, or even on the job site.

Smaller tools are often found to be stolen more often, and job sites with multiple contractors are especially vulnerable to communicational mishaps. This means someone accidentally removed a piece of equipment that they didn’t need, or that you did need, causing you to panic and need a replacement immediately. Someone could easily take an entire toolbox in one swipe. Toolboxes, equipment, and handheld tools can also be stolen off trucks, and due to collisions, it’s easy for tools and equipment to become damaged and unusable. If your tools and equipment become misplaced, it’s important to waste no time finding suitable replacements so you can resume your work, and at Contractors Mark, we make it our goal to make sure that all of your tools and equipment is insured.

Don’t hesitate, get tools and equipment insurance with Contractors Mark for the peace of your mind!

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