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At Contractors Mark, we understand how much attention and dedication is needed to keep your business running like a greased machine and we want to help you keep it that way. If you commute to the workplace or job site, there is always a possibility of an accident or collision and just one of these misfortunes can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming. Contractor auto insurance can help smooth out and sort out an accident and its claims, while you are able to continue focusing on your business. It’s important to keep in mind that most personal auto insurance will not cover an accident if your personal vehicle is being used for business.

There are many different types of commercial auto insurance, so calling an agent at Contractors Mark will help you sort out which plan best fits your needs. Liability coverage can help protect you and your company from the costs of an accident, both medical and physical damage, in the case where you or an employee are responsible for the accident. Property damage typically covers damage that is done to another vehicle or property when you or your driver are found at fault. Bodily injury coverage can cover personal injury expenses, like hospital care, rehabilitation, or prescription medication to the other party when you or your employee are found at fault.

Physical damage coverage generally covers replacement parts or repair of commercial vehicles and has different situation coverages like collision, fire and theft, and comprehensive. Commercial uninsured motorist coverage can help if an uninsured driver damages you or your company vehicle. Personal injury protection (PIP) can help cover your injury costs, like medical bills or loss of income due to injury, without factoring in fault of the driver. Medical cost coverage is similar to PIP in the way that it does not factor in fault when one of your employees is hurt in a commercial vehicle.

With so many different plans to choose from and so much information, give us a call to see which plans work best for you! With our auto insurance, you can keep your team safe and ensure that you are covered and prepared for any situation.

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