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You should never be without liability insurance which is why Contractors Mark works with you to find coverage that fits your needs. Going into business is exciting and fulfilling, but not without its fair share of challenges. One of the things you may not have initially considered is how to protect your Texas business against unforeseen hazards and events. When you are facing claims of property damage, personal/bodily injury or advertising injury or slander, you should consider getting general liability insurance, also known as business liability insurance or commercial liability insurance.

Why Do Business Owners Need Liability Insurance?

You have worked hard to grow your business into what it is today, and you don’t want to worry about losing it to circumstances outside your control. General liability insurance provides coverage if someone else makes a claim against your business regarding damages resulting from your operations.

As a business owner, worries about protecting what you’ve created can keep you up at night. Contractors Mark streamlines the process of choosing a business liability policy and takes that weight off your shoulders so you can fully concentrate on the daily ins and outs of running your company.

You should consider liability insurance coverage if you or your employees work at a client’s home or commercial building, or if they come to your place of business. There are many factors that could happen that cause potential claims.

Liability Coverage for Contractors

You started a business because you love what you do and you wanted to help others with the services you provide -- not because you wanted to deal with complex or confusing paperwork. Contractors Mark’s role is to help you navigate the decisions associated with understanding the different types of insurance policies available to you.

What does business liability coverage entail? General liability insurance can help protect your business and employees from the risk of lawsuits such as the following.

  • Claims that your business caused someone bodily harm or damaged someone's property as a result of the work you did
  • Claims of malicious prosecution, libel, slander, wrongful eviction, violation of the right of privacy and more
  • Claims alleging copyright infringement in your advertisements
  • To help cover medical costs if someone sustains an injury at your business

Expect the Unexpected

Even when you follow safety and legal protocols perfectly, life can be unpredictable. Factors can align to generate a series of unfortunate events, preventing business owners from having complete control over how their business is represented or interpreted. With the risk of faulty machinery and disgruntled employees, a solid insurance policy is the most effective way to minimize damage and keep issues from spiraling into disaster.

Helping Texas Contractors is Our Only Business

You don’t have to accept subpar insurance or feel like you’re all on your own. At Contractors Mark, we have been helping only contractors since we opened our doors in 2000. We know both the construction and insurance industry and can truly help you get properly covered for what you do. Business owners who are just getting started or looking to switch insurance agencies should contact us to see if we can help you. We take pride in supporting our clients, so call now and let us work with you to create a policy that suits your needs.

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