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Worker’s Compensation Insurance in Abilene, Texas

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If you’re like many small business owners in Abilene, Texas, you care about your employees. When one of them gets injured on the job, you want them to have the great care and financial assistance they need to get well and get back to work so your business can return to normal. High-quality, affordable worker’s compensation insurance from Contractors Mark ensures that your employees get the right care without placing a burden on you and your company budget.

As a contractor, you know that your work has a greater risk of injury than many other industries. Accidents that occur on construction sites or other locations can be severe, and for contractors, the need to mitigate these risks and provide a safe and secure working environment is vital. Every day, you run the risk of injury to yourself or your employees. Without insurance, your business would be responsible for the employee’s medical bills and lost wages due to an injury on the job, and many businesses’ profit margin is too narrow to provide coverage for today’s healthcare costs. If your employee were injured and you were unable to pay, you and your business could be subject to an expensive civil suit and attorney’s fees – all of which can be prevented with low-cost worker’s compensation insurance.

Contractors Mark offers worker’s compensation insurance at competitive rates to protect your business following an on-the-job injury. We have policies for everyone from small businesses with just a handful of employees to large companies with multiple work crews and locations. Texas has the most affordable worker’s compensation insurance rates in the country, and we’re pleased to offer policies that fully protect your company for the best rates available in the greater Abilene area.

Our worker’s compensation policies provide coverage that covers all the costs of injury-related medical care, lost wages for the injured employee, and ongoing care such as rehabilitation following surgery. No matter how severely your employee is injured, you don’t have to worry about coordinating care, paying medical service providers, or completing paperwork related to the incident. Your worker’s compensation insurance provider handles everything, so you can focus on running your business in the absence of your employee.

Worker’s compensation insurance also protects you from the hassle of fraudulent injury claims. Our insurance providers have skilled adjusters and approved medical professionals who will honestly and fairly evaluate the reported injury to determine whether it is truly a work-related injury. If the injury is genuine, our carriers will ensure that your employee gets the best care possible so he or she can get well quickly. However, if the injury claim appears to be false or exaggerated, worker’s compensation insurance providers have experienced representation and skilled investigators to protect your company’s interests.

For the best worker’s compensation insurance at the most affordable rates, turn to Contractors Mark. Our only focus is on ensuring that contractors in Abilene, Texas have the coverage you need to protect your company and employees when an on-the-job accident occurs. Contact us today to talk with our knowledgeable specialists about the right coverage for your business!

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Contractors Mark is excited to help you in choosing insurance options that best meet the needs of your business. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!

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