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Workers’ Comp Insurance in Lubbock, Texas

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Regardless of the healthy environment employers strive to create for their employees, there’s always a chance that unpredictable situations and accidents can occur. Because of this, it is important to provide a safe working environment for both the employers and their employees, and with workers’ compensation insurance, the situation can be controlled and managed accordingly.

At Contractors Mark, we offer you the ability to be able to control the situation and ensure that your employees are cared for. Our insurance covers any type of injury that may befall workers while they’re working and ease the tension of not knowing what to expect. But the unpredictability of these situations in no way means that they can’t be accounted for in advance. By protecting employees with workers’ compensation insurance, contractors are agreeing to mutual benefits by ensuring that the injured workers will be compensated, and the contractors will have their employees covered without requiring any court involvement. Upon signing the compensation insurance, workers hand over their right to take their claims to court, but in turn are eligible for benefits including loss income and medical care expenses.

Workers’ compensation insurance doesn’t favor either party more strongly than other. As a risk management strategy, it offers a solution for unforeseen situations and offers both sides equal benefits and security. The insurance contract we devise is state regulated, meaning that every state exercises its legislative authority to decide on such things as the proper compensation for a given injury. With Contractors Mark, we ensure that the state and its laws support you by offering workers’ compensation insurance. The majority of the states in the country have made workers’ compensation insurance policy mandatory, with a few notable exceptions, Texas included. Contractors in Lubbock have the unique option of insuring their workers for injuries sustained on the job, or deciding against it. This however, does not apply to government work, as construction workers are required to be insured for compensation when working on government managed projects.

While most contractors are given a choice to offer workers’ compensation insurance, opting against this insurance leaves contractors open to have lawsuits filed against them, and these situations may or may not be ruled in favor of the contractors. In order to avoid a potentially expensive experience with the court and the judicial laws, purchase our workers’ insurance policy today. With Contractors Mark, we instill trust in the relationships between employers and employees by offering equally beneficial insurance that will keep both sides protected and insured if an injury occurs on the job. The unpredictability of the job will become far more manageable and ensure security and trust between the employers and the employees.

We prioritize the trust and security of employers and employees in any company setting, and our workers’ compensation insurance allows our clients to offer these options to all of their employees and prosper from the benefits it offers. For more information regarding our workers’ compensation insurance and how it can help you and your employees thrive with mutual trust and benefits, call Contractors Mark and we will be happy to answer any of your questions and alleviate your concerns.

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