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Workers’ Comp Insurance in Amarillo, Texas

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Workers’ compensation insurance is a state-regulated program that allows employees to have a continued source of income and the medical assistance that they need after an on-the-job injury. It also helps limit the liability of the employer if the worker attempts to file a lawsuit against them.

In the state of Texas, a private employer has the choice to carry out worker’s compensation insurance coverage or not. While the requirement to have this form of coverage may be optional, that doesn’t mean workers’ compensation insurance isn’t important.


If you own a company that has several employees on staff, and you work at various work sites for multiple clients, there are many reasons why you should think about workers’ compensation insurance. Contracting companies such as plumbers, sewer line repair teams, roofers, and construction workers put themselves at risk of a potential lawsuit each day while on the job.

If you own a plumbing company, for example, and one of your technicians becomes seriously injured at the job site, they could file charges against you for their loss of income and medical expenses. They could also file a claim against the owner of the property, or your client, in this case. To avoid this issue, employers can choose to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage that will take care of their employees and their clients and be prepared in case there ever is an injury on-the-job.


If you’ve ever had any concerns about possible on-the-job injuries, and you would like to learn more about workers’ compensation benefits, Contractors Mark is here to help. We understand that contractors have many tasks to perform, and we can help ensure that you have one less thing to worry about when you decide to take out workers’ compensation insurance with us.

Our team of company insurance experts can help you find the right type of insurance coverage to suit your business needs. And we can help you become certified fast so that there is no waiting period for that important job you have coming up.

Contractors Mark can help keep your company covered. You can learn more about how to get a quote from us or find out about the various type of coverage we have available by getting in touch with us today. We are happy to assist contractors in the Amarillo area with:

  • General Liability Coverage
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Commercial Auto
  • Contractors Bond
  • Tools and equipment


If you need assistance getting workers’ compensation for your company, be sure to get in touch with us here at Contractors Mark for assistance. We are happy to serve the business owners of Amarillo and the surrounding areas with the coverage that they need at the right price. Let us know what we can do to help you by sending us an email or giving us a call at 800-864-2001.


Contractors Mark is excited to help you in choosing insurance options that best meet the needs of your business. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!

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