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Tools and Equipment Insurance in Lubbock, Texas

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If you are part of a company, or own a company that uses tools or equipment, you will likely need insurance for your tools and equipment. There are so many different types of insurance, and depending on your company, you will need to protect different items and types of items. Our professionals at Contractors Mark are here to help you know what you need and what you should get just in case. It is always better to have coverage just in case something was to happen. If you do not protect your company and its assets, you may be stuck with all of the expenses. You most likely do not want to be responsible for possibly thousands of dollars in damages for problems that may not be your fault.

There are so many types of insurance and regular property insurance is often times not enough when it comes to commercial companies. Commercial property floater insurance helps with this. It is protection for any company property that may not be confined to a single location. This is perfect for construction companies or any company who has to take their equipment and tools to the site they work at. If your business has property at more than one location, investing in commercial property floater insurance will keep your equipment covered. Without this insurance, the property that is only on the physical location you own may be all that is insured.

There are also other types of general floater insurance. Floater insurance is easily customizable, movable, and has the freedom of allowing for more coverage if necessary. Floater insurance replaces the full value of whatever you lose, opposed to other insurance policies that may only partially replace what was lost.

There are many different factors that may play into how much and what type of insurance you and your company may need. Some cases may be subject to care, custody, or control (CCC). This could possibly remove the compensation if the property is placed in the care of the insured including rental equipment or transported goods. Our specialists at Contractors Mark are professionals when it comes to all of the nuances of insurance and is best able to help you pick an insurance plan that will cover you and hopefully not be liable to loopholes in the contract.

At Contractors Mark, we know how to get you the best protection for your company. Do not waste time trying to guess what insurances will leave you protected, but come to our specialists who know how to find the perfect insurance for your specific situation. Do not risk being caught in an emergency uninsured or with the wrong insurance. Choose Contractors Mark so that even in the face of tragic damages to your business, you will be able to continue working and your business will not have to close down due to the losses you may incur. Call today to get a quote or fill out the forms on our website!

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Contractors Mark is excited to help you in choosing insurance options that best meet the needs of your business. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!

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