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Tools and Equipment Insurance in Abilene, Texas

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Tools and equipment are the biggest investment in every contractor’s business. Protect your equipment from theft, vandalism, or damage with our tools and equipment insurance policy from Contractors Mark and let us help make sure you always have the tools you need.

Tools and equipment insurance reimburses you for the value of your tools in the event that they are stolen, whether it’s from a job site, from your facility, or from your vehicle. With a large number of renovation and improvement projects in Abilene, it’s not uncommon for multiple contractors to work together on a job site, and when someone inadvertently picks up your toolkit and takes it with them, you likely won’t see it again. You may also leave a tool or large piece of equipment on a site overnight, only to find the next day that someone broke into the construction area and removed your property. Vehicle break-ins have become more common, with contractor vehicles a frequent target. We protect you from these common losses so that you don’t have to find money in your budget to replace costly tools.

A tools and equipment policy also protects you from the loss or damage to equipment due to vandalism. Heavy equipment left on work sites is sometimes maliciously damaged, sometimes to the point that you must replace it. With insurance through Contractors Mark, you won’t have to pay to repair a broken piece of equipment or purchase a new one if an unknown person damages it when the job site is closed.

Sometimes, equipment gets damaged purely by accident, as well. Abilene traffic can be hectic, and a vehicle collision while driving to a job can damage the tools inside your vehicle, or even scatter them over the highway where they’re crushed by passing cars. A tool can fall from the roof where you’re working, a handheld saw can be smashed under a fallen I-beam, a compressor can roll away and crash into a tree – the unexpected often happens while you’re working, and your business shouldn’t have to pay the price for these surprise losses. Tool and equipment insurance will cover the cost of damage to your equipment, so you can replace them quickly without cutting into your profits.

Contractors Mark has a wide selection of tools and equipment insurance options to accommodate the unique needs of your Abilene, Texas business. Our plan providers have customizable coverages to ensure the right level of protection for the types of tools and specialized equipment you use most often. Our insurance plans are affordable and provide the best coverage at the lowest rates, so you can feel confident that you’re getting real value for your dollar.

Invest in a tools and equipment insurance policy with Contractors Mark and stop worrying about damaged or stolen equipment. We specialize in insurance products for contractors, so you can count on us to understand your business and recommend the right policy for your needs. Call our insurance specialists today to learn more about tools and equipment insurance for your business!

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Contractors Mark is excited to help you in choosing insurance options that best meet the needs of your business. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!

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