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General Liability in Abilene, Texas

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You’ve worked hard to build your Abilene, Texas business, and you don’t want to let an unexpected disaster threaten your success. Let Contractors Mark protect it from lawsuits and financial loss with an affordable general liability insurance policy. We have customizable coverage options to give you the right amount of coverage for your unique needs and budget.

Because you and your staff conduct your work onsite at residences and business properties, you’re particularly exposed to potential liability issues. Vehicle fleets can have accidents, installations may not go as planned, and other problems can arise while working onsite. Even if you’ve planned carefully, work efficiently, and take responsible safety precautions, things sometimes go wrong. Our general liability insurance makes sure a mistake or unavoidable problem doesn’t lead to months of hassle and major financial losses for your business.

Liability insurance protects you and your company from the unpleasant surprises that every business owner occasionally faces during day-to-day operations: an accidental injury; damage to others’ property; competitor claims that your advertising harms their business; or claims by others that you or your employees have slandered someone. Without insurance, the responsibility for verifying claims, paying the costs, and defending yourself against fraudulent claims all fall on you, the business owner. Dealing with even a minor damage incident could take up all your time, leaving little time to run your business.

When you have the right liability insurance coverage, you get to hand off these troublesome issues to your insurance carrier rather than wasting your time handling them yourself. You can continue to work and grow your business while your insurer collects statements from the claimant and witnesses, investigates the claim, determines whether it’s valid, settles with the claimant or defends your business in court. Contractors Mark only works with the highest-quality, most trusted insurers, so you can rest assured that you will always get the skilled representation your business deserves.

Abilene’s growing economy has brought a wide variety of industries to the area, each with its own unique liability risks. For example, a plumbing contractor will often consider additional coverage for property damage, whereas an in-home massage therapist has a very little risk of property damage, but increased risk of personal injury. We can customize your policy to your business, ensuring that you have adequate coverage in the areas where you most need it while remaining within your budget requirements.

Many of your clients will require verification of your general liability coverages before scheduling your business for work at their location. Our well-constructed liability policies demonstrate the professionalism of your business and your commitment to high-quality service. We’re happy to provide proof of your coverages to your potential clients, setting their mind at ease so they will feel confident in choosing your business to work at their location.

At Contractors Mark, we value Abilene’s increasingly diverse economy and are proud to provide the right general liability insurance products to protect our friends’ and neighbors’ growing businesses. Contact us today for your free customized quote!

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Contractors Mark is excited to help you in choosing insurance options that best meet the needs of your business. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!

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