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It can sometimes be difficult to know what type of auto insurance to invest in, especially as a business. Rest assured that with Contractors Mark, we will match you with the best insurance for your specific needs. Different situations may require different amounts of coverage and we are here to help you determine what your perfect amount is. Our specialty is knowing all the different types of insurance and we will be able to work with you even as your company changes and your needs shift.

Auto insurance is important since it helps to cover expenses that may arise if an accident were to occur. Instead of having to pay for everything out of pocket if an accident were to occur, drivers will pay an annual premium and if they get into an accident, the insurance company will pay most or all of the expenses associated with the accident or other vehicles and property involved. These premiums will vary based on how old a person is, the number of accidents they have been in before (if any), their gender, how many years they have been driving, and other factors that could affect their risk of being in an accident. In most states, there is a minimum insurance that is required, but some people will get more than the minimum so they are better protected in the case of an accident. Insurance is often the best way to be prepared in the face of emergencies and without it, drivers may be left unable to cover the damages or medical assistance they may require. Do not get caught in a difficult and dangerous situation without insurance.

Businesses may need a different type of auto insurance if they have multiple vehicles being used for their business. Business Automobile Policy (BAP) protects companies that use vehicles for their business including any vehicles hired by the company, owned or leased, and vehicles employees use for work but own themselves. If an employee gets into an accident while on the job, the individual may not have enough personal insurance to cover the accident and there is a chance the business could be responsible for some of the charges. Insurance ensures that if an accident occurs, it is less likely to get messy and everyone involved can get the medical attention they need as well as repairs so they can continue with their lives once again.

Commercial auto insurance is essential for any business to make sure that any cars they own and that their employees are taken care of. Without it, situations may arise that will end up being much more costly and time-consuming. Our professionals are more than happy to help find you and your company the insurance you need to keep you out of a disastrous situation. There is enough to think about when in an accident, let us take care of worrying about covering the expenses associated with it. At Contractors Mark, we know how busy you are and want to find the insurance you need so you can focus on what is most important to you and your business in the Lubbock community. Get a quote and see how easy it can be to get protected.

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Contractors Mark is excited to help you in choosing insurance options that best meet the needs of your business. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!

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