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Finding the perfect insurance coverage for your construction company takes time and energy, and it can feel overwhelming if you don’t know what you need. Instead of navigating this sometimes complex landscape alone, you can choose to work with an independent insurance agent. Headquartered in Celina, Texas, Contractors Mark serves customers throughout the entire state of Texas.

If you’re shopping for insurance, here are six reasons to choose a small, independent agent instead of a large, national firm.

  1. Outstanding customer service: If you aren’t sure what your policy covers or you need to file a claim, would you rather spend 20 minutes of your precious time navigating an automated phone menu, or reach a real person right away? When you call Contractors Mark, we are ready to assist you. If you have a claim, we can help you file it and explain what to expect.
  2. Personalized assistance: You can think of working with an independent insurance agent like having a personal shopper who is always willing to work with you to help you find coverage that suits your needs. Our experienced team will advocate on your behalf at no extra cost to you.
  3. Invested in the community: We live and work in the greater Dallas area, and we understand the importance of supporting our community. You can feel good about choosing to work with us because we understand the needs of Texas small business owners, and we want to continue to make the Lone Star State a great place to grow a business.
  4. Reputation: When it comes to something as significant as protecting your livelihood, finding a company you can trust is essential. Contractors Mark has spent nearly two decades serving Texas contractors. Throughout our company’s history, we have earned a reputation that will make you feel confident about working with us. We know you have a choice when it comes to buying insurance, and we work hard to make you feel good about deciding to entrust us with your business. As a sign of how much contractors value their relationship with us, we maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  5. Understanding: Independent insurance agents are familiar with all the ins and outs of various policies and providers, and will work with you to make sure you understand what you are getting for your money. After you buy your policy, we are still here for you to answer your questions anytime, especially as the needs of your business evolve over the years.

Texas’ Premier Insurance Agency

If you are a contractor that owns a business and need help choosing the right coverage, Contractors Mark would be honored to partner with you. We are well-versed in the construction and service industries and have been working with small businesses in Texas since we started our business in 2000. Contact us to learn more about the types of policies we can help you with and get started today.

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