If My Employee is Injured on the Job, What Kind of Insurance Do I Need to Protect Them?

You care about the safety on the job site, not only to protect your business but also to ensure the well-being of your employees. Sometimes, even though you’ve done all the right things – safety training, safe work policies, and incentives – an employee may get hurt on the job. Having the right workers’ compensation insurance is the key to making sure your employee gets the care he or she needs to get well faster and get back to work. Contractors Mark knows you care about your employees, and that’s why we provide quality worker’s compensation insurance policies for our customers.

What Is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Workers’ compensation insurance takes care of all the costs for hospitalization and physician care necessary to treat an on-the-job injury. It includes doctors’ visits, specialist care, surgeries, tests, and in-patient hospital care. It also covers the cost of medications necessary to treat the illness. Whatever care is needed to help heal the employee’s injury, workers’ compensation will cover it.

Rehabilitation is also covered by workers’ compensation. Often, injuries that cause physical damage will require extensive work with a physical or occupational therapist to restore range of moment to the injured area. Therapy often takes multiple visits over a long period, which could be cost-prohibitive for your employee. Workers’ compensation insurance pays for this work so that your employee’s physical capabilities will not be restricted after an on-the-job injury.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

In many cases, a work injury can be severe enough to limit the employee’s ability to work for several days or weeks. During this time, the employee would suffer lost wages and eventually, financial hardship as result of the time from work. Workers’ compensation insurance reimburses the employee for a portion of the lost wages, often two-thirds of the normal pay. Lost-wage payments are made on a regular schedule based on your policy guidelines, such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This important workers’ compensation insurance coverage ensures that the employee doesn’t suffer financially after an injury.

Another benefit of workers’ compensation insurance is care management. Workers’ compensation administrators provide dedicated representatives who help coordinate medical care, rehabilitation appointments, and prescriptions, ensuring that the employee is getting comprehensive care that will really restore him or her to health. Information about the care history and treatment plan is provided to the doctors approved by the workers’ compensation provider so that each medical team is aware of what has been done and what is planned, avoiding conflicting recommendations and unnecessary medications.

Workers’ compensation insurance also ensures that the employee’s medical bills are paid quickly and in full. Because care is coordinated and preapproved, which allows the medical professional fees to be quickly handled. There is no risk that a physician or specialist will refuse to see the employee due to an unpaid account balance.

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Why Worker’s Compensation Insurance Is Necessary for Every Business in Abilene, Texas

At Contractors Mark, we offer worker’s compensation insurance for businesses across Abilene. Worker’s compensation is a broad term relating to the compensation someone injured on the job can receive. Your company will pay it to injured workers who encountered their injuries, endangerment, or potential for harm while on the clock for you.

Depending on the type of business you run, worker’s compensation insurance may not seem important, but with it, you can be protected from lawsuits, being sued, and having a bigger problem in the future that could tarnish your company’s name. For this reason, it’s vital that every business has workers’ compensation insurance available for all of their employees, and it’s especially helpful in the cases of contractors, architects, home renovation companies, anyone working with heavy tools and machinery, city work, and so on.

Worker’s compensation insurance serves as repayment for completing duties and encountering harm while completing the job, and this measure of protection for your company can be an incredibly valuable asset in terms of finding employees who are willing to work hard for good pay. In many cases, worker’s compensation comforts injured employees and will encourage them to return to work following their recovery. This creates trust with your employees and shows that you are devoted to their safety and will take steps to keep them feeling comfortable and secure. By protecting yourself, you also protect your employees, and this level of trust goes a long way into creating a successful business with a strong foundation.

Worker’s compensation insurance protects you in the same way that auto and home insurance does. At Contractors Mark, we recognize the importance of having your work site, workplace, tools, and equipment covered with meaningful insurance policies, and the same principle applies to worker’s compensation insurance as well. With it, you can create a safe and stable work environment for all of your employees.