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Why Worker’s Compensation Insurance Is Necessary for Every Business in Abilene, Texas

At Contractors Mark, we offer worker’s compensation insurance for businesses across Abilene. Worker’s compensation is a broad term relating to the compensation someone injured on the job can receive. Your company will pay it to injured workers who encountered their injuries, endangerment, or potential for harm while on the clock for you. Depending on the […]

What You Need to Know About Business Insurance in Abilene

It’s exciting to forge ahead into a startup or other new business, no mistake. Making sure your thrilling plunge into a new venture is protected, however, is crucial to avoiding a crash-and-burn scenario. Being informed about your potential liabilities and choosing the right insurance often proves to be the difference that makes a new business […]

3 Things Your Employees Need

As an employer, a lot of responsibilities fall on you. You are in charge of the money that comes in and also goes out. You are the point person for vital decisions and investments. You have to ensure that your place of business is properly functioning. You have to tend to the maintenance of your […]